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Coy Holliday started with the Maytag Company in 1925. As far as I can tell from my research she started out in the multigraph dept. and was a very good employee. She later became F.L. Maytag's personal assistant, even traveling extensively with him in her duties. She was later a beneficiary in his will after his death in 1937. She continued to be a faithful employee well past the 1940's with Maytag. The picture at the right is Coy at a very young age.

See Coy's very rare Maytag brass name badge on the Photo Page.

There was one department in the Newton office of Maytag that as far as units are concerned, handled a quantity so large that it threw every other department, including the factory of the Maytag Company, into the shade. That was the department that Coy Holliday worked in, the Mulitgraph and Supply department. In 1926 more that sixteen million circulars went out of the Multigraph department. A Company the size of Maytag used hundreds of forms and it was no small task to keep everyone supplied with what they needed.

If you look on the picture page you will see a brass name badge that Coy wore in the Mulitgraph department. This old brass badge is the only one that to this date I have seen. As you can see it still contains Coy's name and her department. In my view this makes this particular employee badge a one of a kind Maytag collectable. It is hard to determine just what the age of this Maytag badge is, but I would have to guess about the 1920's.

These are a few of the Maytag items that my wife and I have collected since 1993. We now have about twenty five Maytag gas engines from 1917 to 1947. We have found and restored two Maytag Uprights. Our collection also consists of two model 82's and several model 92's. We also have a number of model 72's from 1937 to 1947. The rare Fruit Jar engine produced in about 1919 is the only engine of the popular five models that we at this time do not have. One of our most popular items is the Monitor lawn mower that used the Model 72 Maytag twin cylinder engine. We have two butter churns and the three different meat grinders. The last two large items are the washers themselves. The oldest washer that we have in our collection is a 1935 model 31 with a model 92 Maytag gas engine. Our second washer is a model 32 electric. These washers are restored and mounted in our enclosed trailer with all of the engines for the public to enjoy at the engine shows we attend. Hope to see you at a show in 2003.

If the engine should fail to start after three or four down thrusts of the starter lever, see that there is sufficient fuel in the fuel tank. The fuel mixture being too rich will sometimes cause hard starting. To overcome this condition, turn the handle of the needle valve to the extreme right, or closed position; spin the flywheel until the engine starts; open the needle valve and adjust handle until the engine fires the fewest regular explosions. If the engine does not start by following the above suggestions, see that the high tension cable is properly attached to the spark plug. Examine the spark plug to see that it is clean and dry and that the porcelain is not broken. The gap should be approximately .020 of an inch apart. To test the spark plug, lay it on the engine base with the high tension cable attached. Spin the flywheel. If no spark is seen at the plug, perhaps the breaker points of the magneto need cleaned. However, do not attempt to clean the points until a new spark plug has been tried. To clean the magneto breaker points, Remove the two machine screws holding the inspection plate to the flywheel. After taking off the inspection plate, draw a piece of clean cloth between the points and wipe around them thoroughly. The breaker points should open .020 of an inch. They should not be tampered with, unless it is necessary. The breaker points are not adjusted directly on the breaker point assembly, but by the stem screw in the governor. If the breaker points are to be closed, first loosen the jam nut on the stem screw, then turn the stem screw clockwise; if you need to open turn, counter-clockwise. Try these adjustments and you Model 92 should run fine. If it dosen't check the fuel system.


Fred L. Maytag was born in Elgin, Illinois, July 14, 1857 and died March 26, 1937 in Los Angeles, California. He was the son of Daniel W. and Amelia (Tonebohn) Maytag, and moved with his parents to Iowa in 1866 in a prairie schooner, settling on a farm just about half way between Marshalltown and Newton. He received his early education in the rural schools, and in 1926 Parsons college conferred upon him an honorary degree of Doctor Of Law. In 1882 he was united in marriage to Dena Bergman of Newton,Iowa. She preceded him in death in 1934. To his union were born four children, Lulu (Mrs. William H. Smith), Freda Louise (Mrs. H. L. Sparey), Elmer Henry and Lewis Bergman, all of whom survived him.

Maytag was engaged in farming until 1880, and then in various other lines of business until 1907. At this time he founded the Maytag company and began the manufacture of washing machines.

I have parts for the Maytag model 92 gas engine. Email with your needs and maybe I can help.