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Welcome to the DeLorean Home Page. I hope that you enjoy the information on the following pages.            The family I met a Witt's in Ashland, Ohio 6/13/2020 please email me. Thank you. 


A little about me and my DeLorean. I bought my 1982 DMC in 2005 from the state of Massachusetts. I had been looking for a DeLorean for about two years at that point. My wife and I traveled to several states looking at cars that were described as very good condition, but for the most part our definition of very good condition was indeed different from what we saw. The DeLorean we now have was at the time the best we had seen and the seller was pretty up front with his description of the vehicle. The DeLorean needed some fine detail work and the stainless needed rebrushed, but overall it was a great original 1982 DeLorean. It showed about 30,000 miles and that was just about what we were looking for.  Many DeLorean's with very low mileage have multiple problems that require updates to make them dependable.  In my view a DeLorean with no miles is a bad thing when it comes to a car you would like to put on the highway. For a museum piece they are great with no miles, but for a driver not so good. We are very happy with our DeLorean and I will try to bring some interesting items to this site about these vehicles.

The Story Of The DeLorean Body Dies

Over the years the discussion of what acutally happen to the DeLorean body dies has been of huge interest. Some research has suggested that this is the rest of the story. It was suggested that after the failure of the DeLorean Motor Company in 1982, that the British Government dumped the DeLorean body dies into the ocean to ensure that no more DeLorean cars would ever be manufactured. It seems that this tale was told for years with no proof that this was the case. Actually the dies were used to anchor nets in a fish farm operation. The pictures that you will see on the following pages were taken as the dies were aboard the SEVERN PRINCESS at work in Ards Bay, Connemara. The pictures you will see were taken aboard the ship by Capt. O'Donnell in 1984. If you look close you will see the Gull Wing door die and the left front fender die. You will also see one of the ships crew pushing the dies overboard. The DeLorean dies were purchased by a scrap metal company in Cork, Ireland and sold to the fish farm operation as scrap iron.

DeLorean Gull Wing Door (Center Of Picture)
This is a shot of the DeLorean Gull Wing Door die sitting on deck in 1984. It will soon be pushed over the side of this ship to become a anchor for fish nets in a Salmon fish farm operation.
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