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DeLorean and Back To The Future items

Just a few items you may find interesting. Some are Back To The Future related.

The trophy on the left was won at the Chicago show in 2006

We had a great time at the DeLorean show in Chicago this past summer. We were really proud of the fact that we won the 1st place trophy for our class. The show had a lot of very nice Delorean's and we were honored to win this award.

Cast from Back To The Future

Signed pictures of the Back To The Future cast. They attended the Chicago show and were very pleasant interesting folks. The bottom picture is John DeLorean's daughter.

Movie prop

This soda fountain glass was a prop used in the Back To The Future movie. If you check out the soda shop scene in Back To The Future 1 you will see these glasses.

Flux Capacitor

This is what makes time travel possible. The famous Flux Capacitor.

Just Waiting

Just waiting for nice weather so the D can come out of it storage area.

At Home In The Garage
Setting at home in the garage. Ready to go at any time.