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Please sign the Maytag questbook. Click on the link in the left column
Serial number sheets to date your Maytag gas engines from 1927 through 1952. Cost is $1.00 plus $.50 cents shipping. Contact Gary at Email address

Serial number sheets to date your Maytag washer. 1922-1983. The serial number on aluminum tub Maytag models is stamped on the side of the polished crown of the tub. On porcelain tub Maytag models, prior to December, 1949, the serial number was on a plate attached on the log under the power unit, or a plate attached to the lower edge of the skirt. Cost is $1.00 and $.50 cents shipping.
Email address

Need a good center hub for you Model 92 Maytag flywheel? I have a good one for sale. These are getting hard to find. Email me at

Check with me if you need a part. I have a lot of model 92 parts. I might be able to help you with what you need in the Maytag line.

Maytag Upright And Cans

Maytag oil bottle, paper label grease can and pint of white touch up paint.


Very Small Maytag Washers
These are very small die cast metal models of the Maytag square tub washers. One has the model 92 gas engine for power and the other has an electric motor for its power. The washers are about two and one half inches high. The small model 92 gas engine is about three quarters of an inch high.
Maytag Upright And Miniature Washer
Maytag upright with a very small model 31 gas engine powered Maytag washer.
Model 31 Maytag Washer
Very small detailed metal model of the Maytag gas powered washer.

Model 31 Maytag Washer

Maytag Toy Collection
From left to right. Hubley Maytag toy washer 1920's, Riecke Maytag toy electric washer, Doll house rinse tub, Doll house Maytag washer, Riecke Maytag toy gas engine washer, Ertl Maytag wood tub washer and Riecke toy model 92 Maytag gas engine in front.