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Some of Maytag's Early Items
These are some of the early Maytag Co. farm items. Maytag started these farm items in 1893 before the washing machine business.

Maytag Husker Shredder
The Maytag eight roll husker-shredder is a big powerful machine for custom work. It's the hungriest machine on earth and will finish up the average job while other machines are merely getting ready to get started. That's a strong statement, but it's literally true.
Maytag Grain Grader And Cleaner
The Maytag Grain Grader is built especially for the farmer. Its capacity is from twenty-five to fifty bushels of wheat, Oats, etc., per hour, and from ten to fifteen bushels of grass seed per hour. It is built of good material throughout and fully guaranteed.
Maytag Hog Waterer
Trough is made of cast iron with flaring sides to prevent it from breaking in event of freezing up. The waterer holds five gallons. Four hogs can drink from it at the same time. The cross bars prevent the hogs from getting their noses far enough into the trough to cause overflow. It may be set at any distance from the water supply tank and connected with one inch pipe.

This from the Knoxville College, Knoxville, Tenn. We have tried different kinds of watering devices for hogs and we are satisfied the Maytag is the only system that we can depend upon.